The CSS File Size and Count Report for Bundesliga sites

Author: Ivan

This report, like the previous one, we will focus on the size of CSS. We are going to find out how much CSS is needed to create a site.

Sites audited in this report:

Note that we included the Bundesliga official site and all its clubs.

The Tooling

Just like in the previous report, we used the following tools:

Using these tools, we extracted information about UI frameworks and the size of External CSS, Style tag CSS, and Inline CSS, where:

Since we stumbled upon some errors while extracting the CSS code from these sites, like repetitive CSS files or <style> tags, we removed it from the report. The data collected might slightly differ from the actual data, but it is still close enough to get the “big picture” about CSS sizes.

To make the text more readable, the terms “site” and “homepage” refer to the same thing: the site’s homepage.

⚠️ Any errors in the report that might be caused by invalid software are not deliberate and should be considered involuntary.

The CSS File Sizes

Site Size Gzip
Largest External CSS Eintracht Frankfurt 1.5 MB 169.53 kB
Smallest External CSS FC Köln 94.18 kB 15.01 kB
Average size of External CSS - 654.33 kB 104.29 kB
Largest Style tag CSS FC Bayern München 293.88 kB 35.91 kB
Smallest Style tag CSS VfB Stuttgart 29 B 69 B
Average size of Style tag CSS - 72.95 kB 9.58 kB
Largest Inline CSS FC Union Berlin 10.08 kB 12.83 kB
Smallest Inline CSS FC Köln 422 B 509 B
Average size of Inline CSS - 2.51 kB 2.83 kB

The Findings

An average page of the Bundesliga site loads ~712.69KB of CSS code. Compared to the Premier League report, that is 3.30% less CSS code. ~89.66% of the CSS code comes from the External CSS file, ~10% comes from the <style> tags, and ~0.34% comes from the inline style attributes. Compared to the Premier League report, an average Bundesliga site uses ~3.56% more External CSS, ~39.76% less CSS coming from the <style> tags, and ~3.54% less from inline style attributes.

CSS sizes
Site Size
Bayer 04 LeverkusenExternal CSS: 596.89 kBStyle tag CSS: 245 BInline CSS: 977 B
Borussia Dortmund GmbHExternal CSS: 723.96 kBStyle tag CSS: 38.46 kBInline CSS: 1.46 kB
Borussia MönchengladbachExternal CSS: 1.08 MBStyle tag CSS: 18.8 kBInline CSS: 2.4 kB
DSC Arminia BielefeldExternal CSS: 210.63 kBStyle tag CSS: 6.99 kBInline CSS: 4.76 kB
Eintracht FrankfurtExternal CSS: 1.5 MBStyle tag CSS: 5.15 kBInline CSS: 2.18 kB
FC AugsburgExternal CSS: 403.73 kBStyle tag CSS: 39.68 kBInline CSS: 2.03 kB
FC Bayern MünchenExternal CSS: 1.05 MBStyle tag CSS: 293.88 kBInline CSS: 2.25 kB
FC KölnExternal CSS: 94.18 kBStyle tag CSS: 234.51 kBInline CSS: 422 B
FC Schalke 04External CSS: 1 MBStyle tag CSS: 235.6 kBInline CSS: 3.65 kB
FC Union BerlinExternal CSS: 261.37 kBStyle tag CSS: 525 BInline CSS: 10.08 kB
FSV Mainz 05External CSS: 770.31 kBStyle tag CSS: 39 BInline CSS: 1.79 kB
Hertha BerlinExternal CSS: 515.57 kBStyle tag CSS: 39 BInline CSS: 2.36 kB
RB LeipzigExternal CSS: 896.48 kBStyle tag CSS: 582 BInline CSS: 591 B
Sport-Club FreiburgExternal CSS: 437.86 kBStyle tag CSS: 39.9 kBInline CSS: 1.64 kB
SV Werder BremenExternal CSS: 835.82 kBStyle tag CSS: 34.09 kBInline CSS: 4.97 kB
TSG HoffenheimExternal CSS: 794.91 kBStyle tag CSS: 234.58 kBInline CSS: 2.36 kB
VfB StuttgartExternal CSS: 575.81 kBStyle tag CSS: 29 BInline CSS: 507 B
VfL WolfsburgExternal CSS: 543.14 kBStyle tag CSS: 2.55 kBInline CSS: 484 B
Bundesliga siteExternal CSS: 149.54 kBStyle tag CSS: 200.36 kBInline CSS: 2.83 kB
    This graph is interactive. You could tap or hover over bars to see extra information.

    All Bundesliga sites use External CSS. Eintracht Frankfurt loads almost 1.5MB, Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Bayern München and Schalke 04 use about ~ 1MB.

    Every Bundesliga site uses the <style> tag. FC Bayern München loads the most CSS, 287KB. Following are Schalke 04 with 230.07KB, Hoffenheim with 229.08KB, and FC Köln with 229.01KB. Sites with the least <style> tag CSS code count only a few bytes, like Mainz 05 and Hertha.

    As for the inline style attribute, everyone uses it too. Union Berlin uses the most with 9.84KB, Arminia Bielefeld and SV Werder Bremen use half of that, and Köln uses the least, only 422B.


    According to Wappalyzer, four sites use UI frameworks. Borussia Dortmund uses Materialize CSS. Hoffenheim, Schalke 04, and Mainz 05 use Bootstrap.

    Site UI framework
    Borussia Dortmund GmbH Materialize CSS
    FC Schalke 04 Bootstrap
    FSV Mainz 05 Bootstrap
    TSG Hoffenheim Bootstrap

    According to research conducted by the State Of CSS, satisfaction with Bootstrap is declining. In 2019, 52% of respondents claimed they are satisfied, while the following year, the satisfaction dropped to 48%. Interest in Bootstrap in both years is held by 17% of all respondents. Usage fell from 87% to 86% within one year, and awareness ratio rankings for both years are 100%.

    For Materialize CSS, satisfaction fell from 57% to 53%, just like the interest fell from 37% to 29%. The usage has increased from 30% to 33%, just like the awareness increased from 72% to 76%.

    Bootstrap and Materialize CSS are the two most used frameworks, and Bundesliga sites follow the statistics here.

    In comparison to four Bundesliga sites (out of 19 total) that use UI frameworks, only three Premier League sites (out of 21 total) use them.

    The CSS File Counts

    Site Count
    Largest number of External CSS Bundesliga site 40
    Smallest External CSS FC Augsburg 1
    Average size of External CSS - 8
    Largest Style tag CSS Bundesliga site 39
    Smallest Style tag CSS Hertha Berlin 1
    Average size of Style tag CSS - 5
    Largest Inline CSS FC Union Berlin 154
    Smallest Inline CSS VfL Wolfsburg 5
    Average size of Inline CSS - 30

    The Findings

    The average Bundesliga site’s homepage loads 8 External CSS files, 5 <style> tags, and 30 style attributes.

    CSS count
    Site Count
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen External CSS: 2 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Style tag CSS: 1 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Inline CSS: 11
    Borussia Dortmund GmbH External CSS: 17 Borussia Dortmund GmbH Style tag CSS: 3 Borussia Dortmund GmbH Inline CSS: 20
    Borussia Mönchengladbach External CSS: 6 Borussia Mönchengladbach Style tag CSS: 1 Borussia Mönchengladbach Inline CSS: 14
    DSC Arminia Bielefeld External CSS: 15 DSC Arminia Bielefeld Style tag CSS: 3 DSC Arminia Bielefeld Inline CSS: 65
    Eintracht Frankfurt External CSS: 6 Eintracht Frankfurt Style tag CSS: 1 Eintracht Frankfurt Inline CSS: 25
    FC Augsburg External CSS: 1 FC Augsburg Style tag CSS: 3 FC Augsburg Inline CSS: 25
    FC Bayern München External CSS: 3 FC Bayern München Style tag CSS: 16 FC Bayern München Inline CSS: 36
    FC Köln External CSS: 4 FC Köln Style tag CSS: 4 FC Köln Inline CSS: 6
    FC Schalke 04 External CSS: 10 FC Schalke 04 Style tag CSS: 8 FC Schalke 04 Inline CSS: 38
    FC Union Berlin External CSS: 2 FC Union Berlin Style tag CSS: 3 FC Union Berlin Inline CSS: 154
    FSV Mainz 05 External CSS: 4 FSV Mainz 05 Style tag CSS: 1 FSV Mainz 05 Inline CSS: 23
    Hertha Berlin External CSS: 15 Hertha Berlin Style tag CSS: 1 Hertha Berlin Inline CSS: 22
    RB Leipzig External CSS: 5 RB Leipzig Style tag CSS: 3 RB Leipzig Inline CSS: 9
    Sport-Club Freiburg External CSS: 17 Sport-Club Freiburg Style tag CSS: 6 Sport-Club Freiburg Inline CSS: 17
    SV Werder Bremen External CSS: 3 SV Werder Bremen Style tag CSS: 2 SV Werder Bremen Inline CSS: 51
    TSG Hoffenheim External CSS: 6 TSG Hoffenheim Style tag CSS: 5 TSG Hoffenheim Inline CSS: 30
    VfB Stuttgart External CSS: 3 VfB Stuttgart Style tag CSS: 2 VfB Stuttgart Inline CSS: 5
    VfL Wolfsburg External CSS: 4 VfL Wolfsburg Style tag CSS: 2 VfL Wolfsburg Inline CSS: 5
    Bundesliga site External CSS: 40 Bundesliga site Style tag CSS: 39 Bundesliga site Inline CSS: 31
    • External CSS
    • Style tag CSS
    • Inline CSS
    This graph is interactive. You could tap or hover over bars to see extra information.

    Augsburg loads only one, Bayer Leverkusen and Union Berlin load two, while the Bundesliga site loads 40 External CSS files.

    All Bundesliga sites use <style> tags. Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Eintracht Frankfurt, Mainz 05 and Hertha use a single <style> tag. The Bundesliga site loads 39 <style> tags, and the second largest in the group is FC Bayern München with 16 <style> tags. Other clubs range from 2 to 8 <style> tags.

    Every Bundesliga site uses inline style attributes, too. Köln, Stuttgart, and Wolfsburg use only a few style attributes, Arminia Bielefeld and SV Werder Bremen use about 60 style attributes, while Union Berlin uses as many as 154 style attributes.

    Top and Bottom Sites

    Top three Bundesliga sites in terms of CSS file size are:

    On the other side, the bottom three sites in terms of CSS file size are:

    The Conclusion

    Even though the average Bundesliga's homepage CSS size is slightly lighter than the average Premier League's homepage CSS size, it is still too big.

    According to the httparhive report, the sum of transfer size kilobytes of all external stylesheets requested by the page for median desktop is 73.3KB, while the median mobile is 68.7KB. If we look at the last three years, CSS file size increased more than 30%.

    The trend of loading more CSS code every year is continuing. With modern technologies like CSS Grid and CSS Variables that should take over CSS frameworks, one might expect a different outcome. We certainly hope that will be the case in the following years.


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    Complete Report

    CountSize Gzip
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    External CSS2596.89 kB 101.56 kB
    Style tag CSS1245 B 161 B
    Inline CSS11977 B 1.12 kB
    Borussia Dortmund GmbH
    External CSS17723.96 kB 115.8 kB
    Style tag CSS338.46 kB 6.61 kB
    Inline CSS201.46 kB 1.71 kB
    Borussia Mönchengladbach
    External CSS61.08 MB 196.02 kB
    Style tag CSS118.8 kB 3.45 kB
    Inline CSS142.4 kB 1.8 kB
    DSC Arminia Bielefeld
    External CSS15210.63 kB 47.67 kB
    Style tag CSS36.99 kB 2 kB
    Inline CSS654.76 kB 5.54 kB
    Eintracht Frankfurt
    External CSS61.5 MB 169.53 kB
    Style tag CSS15.15 kB 1.43 kB
    Inline CSS252.18 kB 2.38 kB
    FC Augsburg
    External CSS1403.73 kB 60.17 kB
    Style tag CSS339.68 kB 6.76 kB
    Inline CSS252.03 kB 2.28 kB
    FC Bayern München
    External CSS31.05 MB 111.85 kB
    Style tag CSS16293.88 kB 35.91 kB
    Inline CSS362.25 kB 2.8 kB
    FC Köln
    External CSS494.18 kB 15.01 kB
    Style tag CSS4234.51 kB 23.9 kB
    Inline CSS6422 B 509 B
    FC Schalke 04
    External CSS101 MB 108.65 kB
    Style tag CSS8235.6 kB 24.55 kB
    Inline CSS383.65 kB 3.92 kB
    FC Union Berlin
    External CSS2261.37 kB 39.09 kB
    Style tag CSS3525 B 310 B
    Inline CSS15410.08 kB 12.83 kB
    FSV Mainz 05
    External CSS4770.31 kB 270.01 kB
    Style tag CSS139 B 54 B
    Inline CSS231.79 kB 2.06 kB
    Hertha Berlin
    External CSS15515.57 kB 76.92 kB
    Style tag CSS139 B 54 B
    Inline CSS222.36 kB 2.4 kB
    RB Leipzig
    External CSS5896.48 kB 129.7 kB
    Style tag CSS3582 B 304 B
    Inline CSS9591 B 727 B
    Sport-Club Freiburg
    External CSS17437.86 kB 77.24 kB
    Style tag CSS639.9 kB 7.09 kB
    Inline CSS171.64 kB 1.71 kB
    SV Werder Bremen
    External CSS3835.82 kB 125.07 kB
    Style tag CSS234.09 kB 6.1 kB
    Inline CSS514.97 kB 5.22 kB
    TSG Hoffenheim
    External CSS6794.91 kB 113.9 kB
    Style tag CSS5234.58 kB 24.01 kB
    Inline CSS302.36 kB 2.73 kB
    VfB Stuttgart
    External CSS3575.81 kB 82.56 kB
    Style tag CSS229 B 69 B
    Inline CSS5507 B 523 B
    VfL Wolfsburg
    External CSS4543.14 kB 108.91 kB
    Style tag CSS22.55 kB 779 B
    Inline CSS5484 B 534 B
    Bundesliga site
    External CSS40149.54 kB 31.77 kB
    Style tag CSS39200.36 kB 38.56 kB
    Inline CSS312.83 kB 2.99 kB

    About the Author

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