About CSS Auditors

CSS Auditors is a group of enthusiasts who enjoy writing and analyzing CSS code and sharing CSS code findings.

CSS Auditors’ mission is putting the CSS under the spotlight and educating developers about its importance.

From file size to attributes and values, we try to improve the way CSS could and should be written.

About the Authors

Silvestar Bistrović

Silvestar Bistrović

Silvestar is a frontend UI developer who enjoys creating pixel-perfect, responsive, and modern websites. Making faster, lighter, and more secure sites using WordPress or Static Page Generators is his speciality. When he is not coding, Silvestar likes to write articles on his blog.

Ivan Smokrović

Ivan Smokrović

Ivan is an interactive designer and developer who loves to create modern websites that run across platforms and devices. His passion are animations that he tries to bring to the web. In his free time, he does outdoor activities like hiking and nature photography.

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